About Us

North Gwinnett Christian Academy is a proud school of excellence in learning.  We use A Beka Book textbooks, curriculum and materials which are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time.

The educational approach is founded on biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know.

Development Process - The process of learning used at our facility demonstrates academic integrity, content research, trial testing, and ongoing evaluation to provide the very best in Christian education.

Our academic program was created based on current scholastic requirements and the needs assessment of Christian education.  Careful research is put into the selection and treatment of topics based on their overall fit into the K-12 scope and sequence with respect to sequential progression and age appropriateness.

Our textbooks, teaching resources, and assessments are written and edited by master teachers who have successfully taught in the field.